Mortgages from Turkish Banks for Non – Residents
The below information on mortgages we get from Garanti Bank. For request we can also search mortgages and get quotation from other Turkish banks.

You can own your desired home in Turkey with Non-Resident Mortgages from Garanti Bank; in local currency (TL), 0,99 % per month or in foreign currency starting from 0,40% per month with terms up to 120 months (10 years).

At Garanti Bank, Loan Application is very easy…

Documents to be provided to our sales officers in our branches:

• Title Deed copy (Tapu copy)
• Turkish tax ID number provided
• Appraisal report fee (650 TL)
• Commission; 1% of loan amount
• Processing fee; 1,350 TL
• Non-Resident application form (provided by the sales officers)
• Sample copy of the passport or the original copy of residence permit
• Credit Bureau record from applicant’s home country (Exparian or Equifax record for UK citizens)
• For income statement required documents showing last 3 months, tax document, abstract soft account and credit card statement
• Utility, cable or telecommunication bill stating the address of the customer in the home country


• Origination available in Turkish Lira (TL), Euro, US Dollar and GB Sterling
• Maximum loan term of 10 years
• Maximum loan – to – value (LTV) ratio of 60% of the appraised value
• Maximum loan amount of TL 500.000 or equivalent in foreign currencies
• Life Insurance, Personal House Insurance and Natural Disaster Insurance authority (DASK) will be requested.

Even though mortgages are relatively new in Turkey, Garanti Bank is currently the market leader with a decent focus on providing the necessary expertise and a wide range of product to consumers. Garanti Bank customers may benefit from a large range of products and services, from fixes rate mortgages to variable rate mortgages, based on different needs, preferences and risk perception.

For more information about mortgages please contact us.