Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a house or land in Turkey ?
Yes. In Turkey foreigners can own land and houses. So you don’t have to worry about dubious time share constructions or multiple owners. The moment you’ve received the proof of property (Tapu) and signed it, you’re the official owner of the property.

What is the process of buying a property in Turkey ?
Once you and BBCG Construction have agreed on a sale, at the solicitors office a sale agreement will be drawn up and an application will be made to the local Land Registry Office (Tapu office). The Land Registry Office performs a search for any restrictions through correspondence with the military authorities in the area. The moment the search is completed, the Land Registry Office transfers the title and issues the new deed. The process to transfer the Title deed into your name can take from 3 up to 6 months.

What documents are needed when I buy property ?
You will need a copy of your passport, which will be translated into Turkish by a legal translator. Also you will need to provide 4 recent passport photographs. The photos can be taken at any local photo shop and will be ready in less than 1 hour.

Can you build me a house as I wish ?
Yes, we can! Our company is also a registered construction company and we are building our own projects. When you tell us what you are thinking about, we will find you more options for land you can build on. When you have chosen the land, then together with you we will design your house and have it build for you. We will update you frequently on the construction progress and will not decide anything without your approval. All to ensure you will end up with your dream home built to your taste.

Is your real estate agency acknowledged by any organization ?
In Turkey, there is no organization like NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents) to uphold standards. The agents in Turkey must be registered at the chamber of commerce and have a license. A good real estate agent is one that has at least both! If you are not sure about an agent, feel free to ask about the license. Turkish Property Sales has contractors that are licensed members of Didim chamber of commerce. So if you need more information, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help and answer your questions.

How do I know I can trust you?
We hope we can earn your trust by finding the right property for you and meeting your criteria and wishes. At Turkish Property Sales we just want to try and find the right home for you. You can also check our previous clients testimonial, please click here.

Can I view the property before I decide to buy it?
Yes, you can! We recommend to everybody to view the property before buying it. It is a very important decision to buy a property abroad. A viewing trip is necessary to see that the property showed earlier on the photos really meets all your wishes and it is the home of your dreams.

What exactly is an inspection/viewing trip?
Inspection/viewing trip is nothing more than coming to Turkey and view the properties, you have chosen earlier from our portfolio (website, email, telephone conversation). We will arrange your transfer from and to the airport, also your accommodation in an apartment or hotel according to your wishes. If you already have booked your holiday, then we can make an appointment with you and pick you up right from your hotel/apartment door.
The viewing takes usually few hours. It can be really hot, especially in the summer months. Please wear sun protection, suitable clothing and comfortable shoes.

You can make a shortlist of properties, which you did really like during the viewing. If you wish, we can take you back there the next day to have another look. When you did make your decision, which property you want to buy, then we will start the buying process.

Turkish Property Sales offers refund – cost of flight, transfer and accommodation expenses (up to 1,000 GBP) for viewing trips only if you purchase a property from our portfolio during the trip.

Are there any extra costs I should keep in mind?
It is depending on the property, it could be there yearly maintenance fee or other fees. When you buy a property in Turkey, you can see all the legal fees below:

  • Agency fee : 3% of total property price. *
  • Buyers tax : 3,3 % of property price.
  • Military clearance fee : £350
  • Water & electricity connection fee : £450
  • Lawyer and Translator fee : £300

Turkish Property Sales will provide you a detailed information on extra costs when you have made your definite choice of the property you wish to buy.
* Turkish Property Sales doesn`t charge any agency fee if you buy the property from the projects and constructions built by most of the companies we deal with.

How do I pay for the property?
The deposit and the legal costs will need to be paid when you sign the sale agreement. The deposit can be changeable, depending on property. You will pay the rest of the money according to the sale agreement. The payments can be made by bank transfers.

We will inform you, when your Title deed is ready. At this time you will need to pay the balance due to your property, the buyer tax, earthquake insurance, water and electricity connection fee.
Turkish Property Sales will go over every financial detail with you, so everything will be clear for you.

Do you give a building guarantee?
On most constructions, their is upto  a ten year building guarantee. We also write this into the sale agreement.

What is the 3% or 0% Agency commission?
Commission is paid to the agent for their services when you buy a property from an agent. The commission includes the whole process of showing you around the area, viewing you different properties and taking care of you all the way up to the signing of the sale agreement between you and the property owner. Usually the agency commission is 3% of the property price.

What about earthquakes?
Turkey has fault lines in some areas and therefore minor earthquakes do happen. Buildings that have been constructed during the last four years are all built to withstand earthquakes. When you buy property you will be obliged to get earthquake insurance.

What about taxes?
There are, like in your own country, taxes that need to be paid. When you’ve decided on the property suited for you, we will provide you with full details of taxes that you will encounter.

Can I rent out my house during the time I’m not living in Turkey?
Yes you can. We can help you with renting out your property. Turkish Property Sales can offer:
• Free advertising of your property in the rental section on our websites.
• When rented, we will arrange the cleaning of your property before the guests arrive and wash the towels and sheets.
• We will check the property before guests leave to ensure all is in good order and report to you any problems.
We may charge a small fee or commission for this service. However Turkish Property Sales can’t be held responsible for any damages that may occur while your property is rented out and also we can’t be held responsible for not having your property fully booked all year through.

I bought a property from you and I am not happy with it. What can I do now?
Unfortunately this could happen. At Turkish Property Sales we will do our best to make sure you are happy with your new home. If for whatever reason you are not happy, please contact us immediately, so we can take the appropriate actions.

Do I need a visa to visit Turkey?
Yes. To enter Turkey you need a visa. You can purchase your visa at the border gates and also at the airport before the passport control.

How long can I stay in Turkey?
The period you are allowed to stay in Turkey on a tourist visa is different for each country.

Can I become a resident?
Yes, UK and most of EU citizen can become a resident.
Usually you need the copy of your passport, the copy of the page of your passport where you have your last visa to enter Turkey, your bank statements and 6 passport photos.